Notice: during temporary exhibitions the price of admission is subject to change. Check if there are exhibitions


Combined ticket Gallerie dell’Accademia + Palazzo Grimani (+ exhibition “Aldo Manuzio, il Rinascimento di Venezia” from March 19 to June 19, 2016 – EXTENDED TO 31 JULY):


Full price ticket:  € 15.00 (+ € 1.50 as reservation fee)
Reduced price ticket:  € 12.00 (+ € 1.50 as reservation fee) 

  • European citizens aged 18 to 25 with identification document
  • Permanent state teachers without their school group
  • Holders of the card COOP

Special Reduced price ticket:  € 6.00 (+ € 1.50 as reservation fee) 

  • Visitors who have a ticket from 9 valid (3 months from date of issue)

Free ticket:  € 0.00 (+ € 1.50 as reservation fee)

  • Citizens under 18 years of age
  • European teachers and students from the school of architecture, preservation of the cultural heritage, science of liberal education and from the courses of art degree or literary subjects with an archaeological or artistic curriculum from the faculty of literature and philosophy
  • Employed for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage
  • Members of voluntary associations which promote and popularize the knowledge of the cultural heritage (on the basis of special agreement stipulated with the Ministry – art. 12, 8th paragraph of the Code)
  • Members of the ICOM (International Council of Museums)
  • European disabled people attende by a membeer of their family or by a care worker
  • journalists

Free ticket: € 0,00 (+ € 7.00 as reservation fee for group)

  • Students and teachers of European Private and Public Schools

Free ticket: € 0.00 without the reservation fee

  • European tourist guides in the exercise of their duties
  • Tourist interpreters working with a tourist guide

 Guided tours and workshops for schools, groups and individuals

Guided tours in italian, english and french: € 80.00 per group (10-30 pax) (+ € 7.00 reservation fee)

Workshops for schools with children aged 6 to 12 years: € 70.00 per class (+ € 7.00 reservation fee). Weekdays only. Duration 1 hour

Integrated workshops for schools with children aged 6 to 12 years with integrated guided tour: € 130.00 per class (+ € 7.00 reservation fee). Weekdays only. Total duration 2 hours


Reduced and free tickets are regulated by the D.M. April 20th 2006, No 239 and explanatory circular.


From 13 May until 29 July 2016 every Friday the Accademia Gallery will be open all day from 8.15 am to 22.15 (ticket office closes at 21.45). You can only visit the exhibition “

Aldo Manuzio, il Rinascimento di Venezia” and the Palladian Ala.

The titles of access charges by 18:16 hours will be:

– Full ticket € 10,00
– Reduced ticket € 8,00
– Reduced ticket coop EUR 8.00

Remain unchanged gratuity decreed by the Ministry


  • Free admission on the first Sunday of each month. The ticket is to be collected directly at the ticket office. NOT IN BOOKING


Cost of booking (to be added to the ticket price):

  • single booking: € 1,50 per person
  • schools/groups booking: € 7,00 (from 11 to 25 people)

For all the citizens from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, the same facilities of  United Europe citizens will be available.

The entrance is allowed only on the booked day and time. If that is not possible because of any circumstance beyond one’s control, the entrace will be allowed in the following days, even beyond the validity of the ticket, according to the availability.
Temporary free passes for some studying reasons can be allowed by the Special Board for the Venetian Museum Pole.