Gallerie dell’Accademia

Campo della Carità
Dorsoduro n. 1050 – 30100 Venezia


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Starting from June 7 the first floor of the Gallerie dell’Accademia will be interested by an extensive restoration project, aiming to reinforce, renovate and refurbish the first floor of the museum: this will be the final step in our “Grandi Gallerie” project.
The restoration project is funded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, and will last for a total of 960 days. It will be divided in four stages to ensure the opening of most of the museum rooms.

The project aims are the following:
1) Building stabilisation, roofs and walls will be stabilised by insertion of tie-beams, putting the conservation of original and ancient structures to the forefront.
2) Functional update, plant components for air conditioning, lighting and safety will be updated, and all the existing architectural barriers removed.
3) Restyling and refurbishment, skylights will be restored and the original architecture of the buildings will be valorised. The interpretation of our collections and communication materials will be updated, with new labels and media devices.

During the first stage, rooms from VI to XII, and XV will be closed to the public. The relocation of the artworks exhibited in the rooms mentioned above will guarantee the view of the collection masterpieces.

However the following artworks won’t be on display:

Paolo Veronese, Il convitto in casa di Levi, cat. 203;
Paolo Veronese, Crocifissione, cat. 255;
Paolo Veronese, Annunciazione, cat. 260;
Jacopo Tintoretto, Madonna in gloria col Bambino e i santi, cat. 221;
Jacopo Tintoretto, Crocifissione, cat. 213;
Jacopo Tintoretto, Il miracolo dello schiavo, cat. 42
Bernardo Strozzi, Il convitto in casa di Simone, cat. 777;
Bernardo Strozzi, Ritratto del cavaliere Giovanni Grimani, cat. 1358;
Tiepolo Giambattista, Tre pennacchi e quattro logge dal soffitto della chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth detta degli Scalzi di Venezia;
Tiepolo Giambattista, Castigo dei serpenti, cat. 343.

Changes to the visit path for people with disabilities
Due to the restoration works at the first floor, the visit for people with motor disabilities will be subject to change. Currently the ground floor, the temporary exhibition “Philip Guston and the Poets” and the rooms XII -XVI, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXII, XXIII of the first floor are accessible.
The rooms XII – XVI welcome most of the masterpieces from the closed rooms and will be accessible to everyone. The opening will be announced promptly. We apologise for the inconvenience.



Security measures

We kindly remind to the visitors that, for a better security, the access to the museum will be denied to those who have their faces covered by any element (clothing, mask, helmet, or else) that may make it difficult to recognize the person.

In order to make this museum a quiet and safe place, we thank you for your kind cooperation.